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Vizslas are one of the oldest breeds of dogs originating from the greater Hungarian Kingdom. It was a breed held so closely by nobility that very few ever made it out of the country until the mid 1940’s. They are medium size dogs ranging 40 to 65 lbs. in weight and 21 to 24 in. in height. Vizslas are golden rust in color with eyes, nose and nails that blend nicely with their smooth, dense coat. Shedding minimally, you will find them easy to maintain.

Affectionate and friendly, a Vizsla makes a great companion and an extraordinary family pet. Vizsla dogs love more than anything to be with their owners.

Our dogs are handpicked including champion bloodlines from both the United States and Hungary, chosen to provide the highest show/pet quality and the utmost in health, looks, personality, skill, temperament, conformation, intelligence. All you have to do is give your dog the love, dedication and care it so richly deserves and you will get in return the most devoted, loyal, faithful friend a family could ask for.