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Vizsla Testimonials

South Side Farm knows a happy customer means a happy home for our puppies. Just like people, dogs are not all alike. We at South Side Farm do our best to find the best puppy suited for our client’s particular wants and needs. A lifelong caring and loving relationship between our dogs and their owners is what we want first and foremost….

From Millbrook, NY

The puppies are absolutely amazing and are valued members of our family. We could not have imagined more wonderful dogs. I promise to write you the best reviews asap. People ask me about them all the time and I sing your praises. Do you prefer I give your website or your email address or office phone as contact info to interested people? Warmly, Megan

From Nicole

Hope all is well. Happy holidays! Scout is so much in the Christmas spirit. I can’t thank you enough for my perfect Vizsla girl. We are finally meeting people who actually say “is that a Vizsla”. .And now she’s obsessed with (a) real Christmas tree! I love her so much. Thanks so much for her!

From Scott

Diane, I’ve owed you this for quite some time.  To say that this puppy has changed our lives is an understatement!  I am not sure there is a more loved dog on the planet.  Pippin is truly a great dog.  Not only is he very handsome, but just a great dog.  We are already planning on another once our heard thins a little. I will keep you posted on his journey but if these pics don’t warm your heart, I'm not sure you have one lol. Thanks again for making this a reality. Warmest regards, Scott

From Dee

Bristol is the love of my life! After her full active day of playing frisbee or ball or her hour run in woods she spends her night with her best friend , Lincoln!! We have never had any medical issues with her and she is slowing down just a bit!! We are leaving tomorrow for the Vineyard where she will run the beach’s! Hope all is well with you and that you are still breeding the most amazing dogs. Thank you. Paxton, MA
Update - We were not so comfortable with you choosing the Vizsla for us according to what personality you thought would fit our needs but we now realize that you had 8 weeks to watch them grow and learn their personalities and you did an amazing job of matching the puppies with the lifestyle of the owners. Anyone getting a Vizsla from you should feel privileged to have you be the reeder. Thank you so much for keeping in contact.

From Frans and Taunya

Just touching base to let you know that Maya is doing great! She has become a very popular little princess of Guemes Island. She is the sweetest and most intelligent dog we’ve ever come across. You breed amazing Vizslas for sure. Here are a few recent pictures. She was worth the wait and the journey! Happy Holidays, Frans and Taunya

From Frans and Taunya UPDATE

Maya is an amazing dog and funny! She will prance around you with a toy in her mouth because she knows she'll get pets. Now she'll carry two or three toys around in her mouth to show off, its the funniest thing. We have a little mountain on our island that we climb twice a week with her. You can see the Canadian Rockies in the background in one of the pictures. She does well on the boat, we were surprised.

From Tracey

Attila is so much fun. We could not have made a better choice than dealing with you.  You always did and still answer all of my questions. Attila is brilliant, funny and loves her cats!  She goes to daycare a few times a week and gets along with all of the dogs and is quite the comedian wherever she goes and she goes everywhere with us! Attila has completed our family!  Thank you!!!






Update! Look at this gorgeous girl. You have filled our home with so much love. This girl is so different from any other dog and my heart is bursting with happiness.

From Diana, Brian and Vanessa

Working with Diane was such a pleasure. She is thorough in making sure to pair the right dog with our family. Cooper is such an energetic, fun and friendly dog. He loves going on long walks with the family, playing with other dogs and cuddling after a long day. He’s so smart and a quick learner! Most importantly, he is so good around our newborn daughter. He understands to be careful and calm around her and protective too! He loves snuggling up to her on her play mat and giving gentle kisses. We couldn’t be more happy with our Vizsla and can’t recommend Diane enough. Diana, Brian and Vanessa. Massapequa, NY

From Alexandra and Charles

Hope all is well with you. Just thought you would be happy to see few pictures of Noel’s journey and what a big boy he is. I’ve never seen a more beautiful puppy than him. Thank you again. Please stay safe. All the best, Alexandra and Charles, New Jersey

From John

I hope all is well! I got a Vizsla puppy from you in August of 2016 and I ended up naming him Yogi. I can't thank you enough for this dog, he has proven to the best decision that I ever made. I think I'm going to end up getting a German shorthaired pointer when I get a puppy next, and I think I'll probably be getting it from you.
But I was just wondering out of curiosity if you ever do a litter where you mix the two breeds GSP/Vizsla? If so I would be really interested in a mixed puppy... I saw one up in the Adirondacks and it was basically a chocolate-colored Vizsla.
Anyways, I just wanted to reach out. Thank you for being a breeder these awesome breeds... Everyone who gets one from you is the lucky one, I speak your praises all the time!

From Katherine and Bill

Our family would like to express our sincere appreciation for another great experience welcoming our newest family member from The Farm, Maui the Vizsla!  As you know, we were devastated by the loss of our beloved Shred in May who we purchased from you in 2011.  He was the most remarkable dog and best companion!  He was very handsome and his enthusiasm and personality made him unforgettable.  Our new puppy, Maui, is so adorable, curious and smart!  He took to his crate right away and conquered “sit” and stairs on Day 2!  We would like to thank you so much for the opportunity to love another endearing Vizsla! Hugs to Maui’s beautiful parents Bobby and Kata️. Sincerely, Katherine, Bill and Maui South Hero, VT






Hi Diane,
I Hope you are doing well.  Maui is fantastic. He has finally mastered swimming and is such a wonderful companion. We love him to pieces❤️
Best wishes,
Katherine and Bill


From Schuylerville, NY

Boogie has been an incredible addition to the family since picking her up in 2018. Her caring demeanor and humanlike personality is everything you could hope for in a dog. She is a sucker for attention and can frequently been seen laying on her back waiting for someone to walk by and give her belly rubs or doing random sprints around the yard. She is a very intelligent dog and recently completed her good citizen training. Everywhere we bring her people are drawn to her friendly personality and she never ceases to leave them without a smile. I can't say enough about how much joy she has brought into our lives, I will most definitely be coming back to South Side Farm for my next Vizsla.

From Carole Ann

Luna is pictured here with one of her favorite toys that she has turned into a necklace! I never leave her alone with that toy because I’m afraid if she could choke herself...She is such a good dog she’s going to be two years old this summer and she’s getting into the stretch of being extremely well behaved. She does however get a little spiteful with gentle nipping when my daughter leaves and then returns. She however never nips me. With this epidemic I’ve been doing a lot of walking around town I can’t tell you how many times people stop me and tell me what a beautiful beautiful dog she is...With my older daughter getting married and my younger daughter going off to college and having to spend so much time at home now I can tell you she’s my best buddy. I will send you some more pictures in a separate email.

From Michelle

Hello Diane, It’s been just over 6 weeks since we picked up our little puppy from your wonderful farm. We named him Oskar. We are so blessed to have him and we think he likes us too. As much as all the world wants to be done with quarantine, for us it has been a little blessing to be home more to bond with Oskar and for me and my husband to train him together. He potty trained pretty much within a week and has learned sit, lay down, paw, high five, roll over, stay, speak, jump and almost figured out heal. Our biggest challenge now is working on him being alone more at home since he’s had us almost 24/7 the past few weeks. Attached are a few pictures of him. He’s just past 14 weeks old now. Thank you for a wonderful addition to our family. We’ve already talked about getting another vizsla in the future which we will be calling you for again. Thank you so much. We wish you and your family good health and wellness.

From Amber

Hi Diane, Since its been awhile I just wanted to let you know that Dozer is doing great! He is not a fan of the cold but I can't blame him. He is wonderful with the kids and is growing like a weed. 25lbs at his last check up. Thank you again for our joyful addition to the family. I hope the Holidays treated you well. I've attached a couple recent pictures.

From Linda & Vinny S.

It is amazing how many times people will write a letter to complain about something but not often write a letter to give a compliment ! Well this letter is about how amazing our second South Side Vizsla is! Lucy is doing great! She is happy and sweet and exactly what we expect from South Side. I have always said, if you are looking for a perfect “show dog Vizsla” then maybe South Side is not the place for you. If you are looking for a Vizsla that is healthy, has a great disposition and a wonderful companion dog, look no further than South Side. Our South Side Sophie is 10 years old. She is just as amazing as she was when we got her from South Side….and now Lucy does not disappoint . She is just as wonderful and sweet as Sophie. South Side Vizslas still rule !!

From Robert & Jen

I hope everyone at South Side Farm is doing great. We are the family from Boston who owns the liquor store and we love Vizslas. We had 2 Vizlsas in the past who we loved dearly and life wasn’t the same without them. We bought Molly from you 13 years ago and she had a wonderful life. She was the best dog anyone could ask for-every place we went people would ask where we found such a beautiful dog. Molly was great and we were very fortunate to have a perfect Vizlsa. We decided to get another Vizlsa 4 years ago and we bought one from a local breeder. The price was $200.00 cheaper than yours and we didn’t have to travel-so we bought her from this breeder. She never looked like Molly, and we seemed to spend a lot of time at our Vet’s for numerous reasons, and then we lost her to cancer. I’m glad we came back to South Side for our Max. He is the love of our lives! Max is great with our grandchildren and our cat has a new best friend! Thank you South Side Farm for giving us a wonderful dog who is part of our family and has made our life so happy and complete.

From Stacy G.

Just wanted to share with you a picture that aired on Good Morning America on Halloween. Stoli (my dog) and Hennessy (my neighbors dog) got married on Halloween. Stoli is the groom. He was born from the Feb. 7, 2006 litter. We walked them on Halloween and more people stopped and commented on the dogs then the kids. We found out last year that our neighbors who live behind us have a female who is 6 months older than Stoli. They play together almost everyday. We have a dog door in our fence and they play with each other all day long. They are very funny to watch, whether stalking, chasing, wrestling, or sleeping. We all love him so much, he is a giant mush, and as you can see we can pretty much do anything to him.

From Jackie

It has been 2 full days that we have had Asha (our puppy), and I wanted to let you know how it was going. Well, she and my 2-year-old son, Adrian, have become BEST friends already, it's hilarious how they interact. I am happy to say she came to us already practically house-trained! She has had 2 accidents, but both were our fault for not seeing the signs. On the day we got her, we went to a local event, "Peace in the Park", near where we live. There she met so many people and children, and even some other dogs. She behaved very respectfully with the dogs, staying still while they sniffed her and waiting for them to approve before trying to initiate play. I was impressed! Her mother taught her well. She was also exposed to the noise of somewhat loud music being played live. At first, all of this made her nervous, but by the end of it she had come completely out of her shell and was running and playing with everybody. I think it was a great socialization experience for her. My son also got her to walk on a leash. She was following off the leash fine, but as soon as I attached it, she would park herself firmly wherever she was. Coaxing her forward with the smell of food wouldn't even work at that point. Then she realized that if she complied, she could catch up to where Adrian was and walk alongside him, and that was all the incentive she needed. She now walks on the leash, with or without my son, like a champ! She has even conquered her fear of the porch stairs. She's come along so much in just two days.. she's very intelligent, too. Using very small pieces of chicken, I taught her "sit" and "down"(as in lay down) in under 5 minutes, and more importantly, she now knows to sit or lay down in the presence of my son when she gets too excited, rather than jumping at him. She's already gone on many runs through the field across from our house and is loving life so far. Thank you for a wonderful girl. I've attached some pictures, and I'll be in touch to let you know how she's doing in the future. Thank you!.

From Yogi's parent

I am so happy that I chose to come to South Side Farm and patiently waited for a Vizsla puppy. Yogi is everything that I hoped for in a puppy very healthy, intelligent, energetic, playful, & affectionate. At 12 weeks of age I have already gotten him to sit, lay down, and shake on command. I will keep you posted as he continues to grow into a wonderful dog. Thank you again & I will most definitely be coming back to South Side Farm when I am ready for another Vizsla!!!

From Krist & Jaso


Our newest addition to the family is absolutely wonderful! He's enjoying life and his new home! He's got 4 acres to roam in the country area and 2 loving parents! As well as many many friends and family members that absolutely adore him as well! Along with a new home he's gained a big brother! (Our boxer) they are inseparable and are always snuggling. Here are a few pictures of them! We have named the vizsla, Xerxes (zerk-sees) and our boxer's name is, Bane!
I will send some more updates pics throughout his life! He's already getting bigger ! We LOVE our fur babies to pieces !! I have some better photos but they are on my big Nikon camera that I will send over another day! Thank you so much for everything ! Warmest Regards, Kristi & Jaso (North Tonawanda, NY)

Update Just wanted to send some updated pictures of Xerxes ! He's doing GREAT! He loves his new home and his brother. They do everything together and don't like being apart. They watch all my shows with me (as seen in the one picture) , they stare out the window together, sleep together, etc. Two of their best friends are huskies and they all take walks together (seen in another picture). He has such a big personality and couldn't have asked for a better dog. Anyways , Xerxes is getting so big and wanted to send you some updated pictures and status of how he's doing . Thank you so much again for our fur baby! Krist & Jaso

From Christine

I just wanted to update you on our pups. Things are certainly lively around here and it's great. Willow is great with our new addition ,Piper, who is doing very well. Piper is growing like a weed and looks as though she will be a bit bigger than Willow and just as beautiful! She is fun and smart and sensitive and such a joy!...Take care!

From Rob

Just Wanted to touch base with you. We have named our beautiful puppy Copper. My son was surprised and very happy. Copper has adjusted well and is wonderful and smart. I took him to the Vet on Friday and everyone just loved him. Thanks again for a wonderful dog...

From Jodie

Just wanted to give you Henry’s 5 year update.  He is loving Cape Cod.  We run to the beach where I set him free where he runs back to me, kisses my hand every minute to let me know he is right there. He is such a love.  He also runs free in my fenced in yard.  I will be back in touch in the next year ish… for a Vizsla puppy to love and have a nice life for him. I adore caring for him and look forward to giving another V the best life possible. Thank you so much! Jodie